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December 1, 2007
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This guide is to sum up ALL the pokeradar guides i made in this club!
Hope you guys find this helpful! ;3

Pokeradar Tips:

#1: Repels are very important. Also, try to use a high lvl. pokemon so you can 1 hit KO the enemy.

#2: Keep radaring until you find the one you want as a shiny. Then Catch or KO it.

#3: The farthest patch away of the same type(Shaky or strongly shaking) grass gives the best % of continuing your chain. Talk to Dawn/Lucas for a few pieces of advice/hints.

#4: If you're chaining electric types, use a KO'd "static" pokemon in the 1st slot. Magnet pull works for Steel types. Also, a synchronising Poke is reccomended.

#5: If no good patches show up, walk 50 more steps and reuse the radar.

#6: Be careful at higher chains. Begin scanning br resetting the radar over and over. At 40-45 stop chaining and simply scan.

#7: You might want to only extend your chain off of shinies. This will net you lots of them and guarantee to keep your chain going.

#8: Never battle near the edges of the grass. This will break your chain.

#9: NEVER walk directly up after a battle or a radar use unless you saw 4 spots shake.

#10: Its very frustrating to chain, patience and determination are required.

#11: Look at the Pokeradar App. It should show the image of the Pokemon and a number next to it. That is your chain. If it disappears at any time, you have lost your chain.

#12: Do not go too far away from all of the currently shaking patches. If all of them are offscreen you will lose your chain.

#13: Saving won't break the chain, but turning the game off will. I recommend saving after catching a shiny.

Changing your Swarm:

1.Go to Sandgem and check your swarm regardless if you have already checked it.

2.If you want to change it, save and shut off your DS.

3.Go to time and date settings and change the time to 23:59.

4.You only have one minute to do this now so make it quick, go back and shut off your DS like it tells you.

5.Turn it on again and go into D/P.

6.MAKE SURE IT IS STILL 23:59 if it's before be prepared to wait longer, if after repeat steps 3-5.

7.Talk to the the little sister at 00:00 or after and she'll tell you your new swarm.

8.Don't like it? Repeat steps 2-7 making sure to also go into the date setting and change your date back to today's date, the swarm will not be affected.


Note: Tangela can't be found as a swarm, so don't try it.
Note: Garden PKMN can be found in the regular patch
Note:The sparkle patch will glitter silver for about 1.5 sec
Note: very rarely, 2 shiny patches can appear at once.The solution is to simply go to 1.
Note:If the repel runs out, simply use another and reset the radar
Note:If the pokemon your chaining knows roar, bring a pokemon with the ability "suction cups" to prevent being roared at.
Note: If the pokemon your chaining has Explosion or Self-Destruct, bring a pokemon with the ability "Damp" to prevent the wild pokemon from killing itself

The "Krikertot incident" ~

ok...ok...ok....It all started when I was chaining shinx with my DS battery running low. My chain broke. I was about to turn off my DS because I thought a stupid Bidoof broke my chain. But the PKMN that broke it was a....SHINY KRIKERTOT!!! D: and so, I caought it but the funny thing was, it appeared in a REGULAR PATCH!!
So this proves that regular patches still have that 1/8192 chance of being a shiny.
Still, only a few people expierience this and I just happened to be one of those people. :P
Also, this also shows that a "sparkle" patch only appears if a shiny of the PKMN you're chaining appears. :D

"Earlier sparkle patches!! D:" ~

Usually, you stop the chain at 40 and simply reset like crazy til' you get a shiny.On rare occasions,a sparkle patch may appear before the chain reaches 40.Elderham, a member of DA, got a shiny Bidoof with an outstanding low chain of 1!!!

Some Extra Pokeradar Tips

1)If you're a beginner, start with something easy
2)If you want to start chaining a rare PKMN, turn on your radar, and go to the farthest patch shown.This will give you a better % to start a chain with a rare PKMN.
3)Try to have Sychronize PKMN with all the different nature so that every time you chain, your shiny has a better chance of getting the right nature
4)If you want to chain in route 228,(sandstorm area)make sure you chain during the day and also set your DS screen to the brightest level so you can see better while chaining.(note I never chained in route 217[severe hail area] and I never will. PKMN here are the hardest to chain in my expirience)
5)NEVER blink while chaining.Only blink or take a break during a battle sequence
6)Also, before you start your chain, always save your game.Save some repels ya' know?

Note: when I mean easy PKMN to chain, I mean~
Floatzel,Bibarel,Shinx,Snubull",Beldum"*,Spoink",Fearow,Magnemite",Staravia,Geodude, and Kriketune

" = Swarm PKMN
* = the only thing hard about chaining these PKMN is there's a sandstorm

Good luck! ;)  

Other uses of the Pokeradar~

1)The Pokeradar can be very useful while cause all the PKMN you're looking for, is now narrowed down to a chain of them.Also, while I go while chaining, sometimes I end up findina a shiny by accident :P guide~

HP - Gastrodon route 221
attack - Bibarel Lake Valor
defense - Sudowoodo route 214
sp.attack - roselia trophy garden
sp.defense - misdreavous Eterna Forest (night)
speed - Floatzel route 222

hmmm sp.def might be hard so you can just stick to finding tentacruel in sunyshore city (water area)

2)Simply filling your Pokedex! A lot of PKMN could only be caught by using the pokeradar! so at least catch one of them before chaining ^_^;
Chaining Tutorial Video:

Shiny Patch Video:

Burning_corpse's Pokeradar FAQ:

Pokeradar Rules

Shiny patch picture (NEW!)

~I didnt make the first guide, B1001 from Gamefaqs did~
Hope you guys find this helpful! ;3
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thelematic Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013   Writer
I started chaining recently and I began with Houndour. After 13 patches a shiny appears. Very lucky for a beginner. Now I'm having trouble catching a shiny Snorunt and your advices were very useful. Thanks
Togechu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013…

Here's something that might be helpful when picking the best spots to use the pokeradar on :3
DaEpicBeagz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
since XY came out i figured i'd add: you cant use roller skates while chaining, and if you use them during the chain, it will break.
Blackestfang Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've had a shiny Miltank appear on a chain of 5 in a noneshiny patch before. I named her Bluecheese.
RWBsmasher Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
I experienced the Kricketot accident... except I got a Luxio, after chaining Skitty. Lol.
kirbymariomega Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
I think I may have experienced the Kricketot incident. I was trying to chain Sneasel, and I went into a patch without the silver sparkles. :D
horserax Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Begin scanning br resetting the radar over and over.

how do i do that without reseting it back to 0?
VintagePandaX Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
This guide was pretty useful. I mean, it isn't that different with the info than any other guide online, but still. I've been trying to catch a shiny Golduck lately, mainly because it was the first shiny I ever saw *Which happened just a few days ago*, and also happened in the Safari. My worst fear, meeting a shiny in the Safari. Some of you may know whats coming next... because of the feature that the Safari has to make catching pokemon unique, most pokemon tend to flee quickly. Guess what? You nailed it... my first ever shiny pokemon, a Golduck, fled after only 2 attempts with those safari balls. Wish me luck with this chaining and hopefully I can get one soon! I also want to surprise my bros with the shiny in a battle or something because I already mentioned the fleeing Golduck with them. Good luck to anyone out there who is having troubles chaining, and just a tip... Do not EVER go to the safari for what ever reason. Never. You don't want what happened to me happen to you too. Just sayin. Aight, PCE OUT to anyone who bothered to read my story, ~Vintage~
DemonicHalfShell Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is kind of useful, but I was having better luck with my Pikachu at full health than my fainted Raichu. I'm chaining for Minun.
Babero Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
Thanks for the tips! My chain was breaking and i didnīt know it was beacuse of the edges of the grass...
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